Enfocus Switch – Most Innovative Project 2017

The most innovative project came from SNAP: At Enfocus’ annual Partner Channel Event, held in Naples from 5 to 9 February 2018, more than 60 integrators from all over the world voted.

The expert audience was unanimous that the Most Innovative Switch Solution 2017 award went to SNAP this year.

The award recognised the European Union’s General Publications Validation Chain (GPVAL) project implemented by SNAP in 2017. The Publications Office of the European Union in Luxembourg produces around 12,000 publications with over 30,000 file deliveries for the EU institutions each year. Technical output formats are PDF-A, PDF-X, ePUB, XML and various image formats.

Different formats, a high production volume, time pressure, complex naming conventions, decentralised workflows, various software tools, inconsistent version statuses, many external service providers and manual processes: Automation of production presented itself in many places.

SNAP Innovation, together with the EU project team, implemented a uniform production workflow with Enfocus Switch after extensive analysis, through which all production orders are processed today. The “Validation Chain” includes the fully automated acceptance, verification and release of all production data in a Switch workflow. All approvals are logged, faulty data is sorted out and approved data is immediately forwarded to downstream systems. The time required for checking up to 150 data deliveries daily in 24 languages has been reduced by 80% – with a simultaneous increase in quality and speed.

“In order to simplify the checking of incoming data, we have been able to combine the tools previously used with Enfocus Switch into a seamless chain of fully automated processes. This has meant that the responsible staff in the Publication Office only have to give final approval for the data to be processed further. All checks in advance and the preparation for downstream systems afterwards could be fully automated,” says Ingo Röseler, who implemented the project at SNAP Innovation. “We are of course very pleased to receive this award from a global jury of experts.

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