PublishOne –
Single Source Publishing with Word

PublishOne is the first publishing solution to combine the benefits of a media-neutral content management system with the most widely used content editor: Microsoft Word.

The advantage: the people who create the content work in their familiar production environment and can concentrate on creating the content. The only thing they see from the editorial system is the PublishOne ribbon in Word. Alternatively, browser-based XML editors such as Xeditor (from Xpublisher) can be used.

The system transforms Word documents into an XML format. Media-specific output formats of the content are produced on the basis of templates. Fully automatically and depending on the current status of the documents. HTML, EPUB, PDF, InDesign documents and many more can be easily exported and used in other systems.

All assets are stored in the PublishOne Cloud. Each team member sees the tasks assigned to them. The status and the current version of the assets are clearly defined, making the search for the final released version a thing of the past. Further freely definable metadata facilitate further processing. The person managing the project keeps track of the production status via a dashboard.

The infrastructure for PublishOne is provided via Microsoft Azure: The cloud computing platform is secure, high-performance, standardised, scalable and, of course, DSGVO-compliant. This means: no internal IT costs, fast implementation and easy onboarding.

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