Best Buddies: vjoon K4 Version 10 and WordPress

The new version of vjoon K4 scores with innovations for content-first strategies and automated publishing via WordPress.

Another highlight is K4’s compatibility with the latest versions of Adobe InCopy, InDesign and InDesign Server. Version 10 has already been tested by the Apple Notary Service and is ready for macOS Catalina.

Highlight is the Content Editor

The new Content Editor and integration with WordPress are major highlights of the new version in vjoon K4. The browser-based content editor is perfectly suited to content-first and web CMS content and optimises team collaboration. Users now have access to features such as change tracking and commenting in this editor. Coupled with vjoon’s WordPress integration, users can view a real preview of their online content rendered by WordPress.

Content First Workflows

To better support content-first workflows, vjoon introduced Content Stories for working with articles in the Content Editor. Online editors or content writers can now use videos and images as well as posts from social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to enrich their stories.

Out-of-the-box integration with WordPress

Content Stories can be published by WordPress at the push of a button or via automated tasks in the workflow. Images, videos or social media posts included in the story are also transferred and appear in the text in the same place as in the content editor. The integration supports publishing content as WordPress posts and custom posts. Both the Classic Editor and the Gutenberg Editor can be used to further edit Content Stories in WordPress. Depending on the configuration, a Content Story can be reserved for editing exclusively for K4, using WordPress as a headless CMS. During the creation of the content story, a preview rendered by WordPress allows the K4 user to know exactly how the story will look in WordPress.

The new K4 integration with WordPress is offered via a serviceable WordPress plug-in, allowing vjoon to maintain and update the plug-in independently of K4. This integration will enable clients to make their WordPress connection more efficient, saving them time and money. At the same time, vjoon can offer agile updates of the web CMS integration.

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